Why you should use video to screen candidates in 2020.

2 min readOct 25, 2020


What is the benefit of video screening candidates?

1. Improved speed to hire

  • With one-way video screening, hiring managers can save a lot of time on scheduling and conducting interviews. Typically, several days are wasted to conduct face to face interviews, and data is not well recorded for further evaluation. Additionally, sometimes candidates do not show up, then rescheduling takes place. With video screening, the process is more structured and therefore speeds up the hiring process.

2. Improved Quality of Hire

  • Video interviewing improves the quality of hiring through a structured evaluation process. It gives talent managers the flexibility to evaluate then and there. Interviews are recorded for review by anyone at any time. It also allows all hiring managers to evaluate a particular candidate at their time of convenience and make better hiring decisions.

3. The first round of screening done right

  • Phone screenings usually take a substantial amount of time. Video screening software allows one-way video interviewing for automated video interviews to replace screening that usually happens on a call. Pre-screening interviews are sent to candidates with one click through wupiter.com and without much effort from the hiring manager. Responses are recorded to take decision if the candidate should be shortlisted for the next round of interviews.

4. Eliminate Bias with Standardized timed assessments

  • The goal of the screening process is to ask questions that qualify the candidate for the job. Typically, the talent manager has a list of questions that they go through, but sometimes go off course based on a candidates experience, education, etc. By sending one standardized pre screening assessments, this allows you to eliminate bias. Every single candidate has been asked the exact same questions and every single candidate is given a fair chance regardless of their experience, education, etc.

5. Effective engagement with Candidates

  • It’s very important to provide a structure for the hiring process. The accumulation of various tasks in interviews makes the hiring process inefficient. Communication forms the base to schedule interviews and in my opinion random calls to candidates do not prepare them for what’s about to come. This affects their enthusiasm, preparedness, and overall view of the company. The more refined and on-time communication is, the more candidates will show up for the interview. This also ensures interviews are scheduled and completed on time.

6. Team Collaboration: Everyone on the same page

  • There is no I in team and from my experience, team efforts yield better results. With wupiter.com, Video responses are recorded and are available for review by the whole team. They are all able to provide their inputs on particular candidates improving communication internally and present the information in a transparent manner. The more people that are involved, the better the results come out.




My name is Philip. I am one of the founders of Wupiter. A pre screening tool that helps companies assess candidates through timed video and written assessments.